A staircase remodel can have an amazing transformation to your home.


Remodeling your wooden staircase can be affordable as well. Our experienced team will help you add the elegance of metal to your home and find the options with the price that fit within your budget.

We offer assistance with the arrays of patterns and designs available (please see pictures below and our gallery here) . If you find something that you like here or you would like your own design, we can tailor to your needs and towards your new home re-modeled look.

Many choose to only replace the wooden balusters in their home with ornamental iron designs, combining the elements of iron and wood to bring about wonderful results. Replacing the wood balusters with iron balusters is the most cost-effective way to remodel and to introduce the old-age ornamental iron grace into your home. The process is also simple with installations that are typically completed in one day.

Some of the advantages of Iron Wood Staircase remodeling include:

~ Amazing transformation to your home's look
~ Affordable and quick to do
~ FREE Remodeling consultation by an experienced   professional
~ You pick or make your own pattern



A beautifully crafted wrought iron gate and fence will leave a lasting impression of your property.


Fences need to withstand weather. That is why at Star Iron we build fences with quality in mind. Star Iron builds, installs, and finishes property and pool fences with the utmost quality and standards. Fences provide a property with added perimeter security while also making it more unique and elegant.

Ask our service professional to help you in choosing the best height and type for your property's fence.

Star Iron can build and install a custom designed gate along with a desired opener mechanism and system.

Star Iron makes walking or garden gates, iron and aluminum pool gates, driveway gates, and residential community gates. With our experience and professionals we can create and install for you the elegant gate design and the durable operating system that you need.


With custom wrought iron, the ornamental creations are unbounded and the product is a work of art.


Our customers sometimes bring us their own designs and they are amazed when the final result becomes part of their home.

Custom wrought iron is manual work but creating the unique old world style is almost always well worth the effort. Custom wrought iron staircases, balconies, door grills and other items are hand forged by bending, shaping and welding the iron. Star Iron uses its own techniques in forging iron that allows us to make the process affordable. We are here to help make the ideas you have become part of your home.

If you don't have your design then we can show you some of the designs that we have. Feel free to browse our gallery of completed projects for ideas. Our experienced staff will help you create the staircase, railing or the other piece you are looking to do.


Infuse wrought iron into your decor


Along with a small collection of custom made wrought iron furniture that star iron forge produces, we have partnered with "Stone Pavilion" of Houston to produce a fine line of marble-iron tables.

We are excited to showcase the "rusted" furniture collection at Stone Pavilion's showroom.